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At Loosely Canon, we empower businesses with top-tier consulting services and innovative technology solutions, driven by a deep-rooted understanding of data

The Canon Way

The Canon Way reflects our core values: Truth – We offer honest, transparent services, keeping your best interests at heart; Value – We ensure our services contribute tangibly to your business growth and sustainability; Innovation – We leverage cutting-edge tech solutions to elevate your business


Welcome to Loosely Canon – where technology meets integrity, and your business story takes the center stage. We provide top-tier consulting services and innovative technology solutions, all grounded in a data-driven approach. From web development to Salesforce consulting, our diverse offerings are crafted to add tangible value to your growth journey. Operating under ‘The Canon Way’, our commitment to truth, value, and innovation guides every decision and strategy, keeping your business objectives at the heart of what we do


Our services span across industries as they are foundational to growing, scaling and maintaining businesses.

Salesforce Consulting

Transform your customer relationships with our CRM services. We offer a robust suite of CRM solutions that facilitate seamless interactions, foster customer loyalty, and drive business growth.

Web Design & Development

Empower your digital presence with our Web Development services. We create intuitive, responsive, and engaging websites that not only look good but also perform exceptionally. 


Our products power businesses and are core to delivering the best customer journey. We use them daily, have roadmaps to improve them and are experts in their functionality.

Canon Connect

Canon Connect is web phone for empowering your entire business. It supports calling, texting, IVR routing, voicemail and logs activity in Salesforce.

ChatGPT in Salesforce

Our integration allows you to use ChatGPT right inside of Salesforce. It is free and open source so check it out! If you need help setting it up then reach out.

Canon Emails

Canon Emails is an email marketing app that integrates with salesforce allowing you to capture mass email and log the engagement performance of the campaign.

At Loosely Canon, we believe in empowering businesses – be it a budding startup, an established organization seeking a revamp, or a company looking to optimize its operations. Our dual expertise in providing top-tier technical consultation and crafting products for sales, marketing, and service teams sets us apart in a crowded market.

Our experience in multiple industries and varying company size enables us to tailor our approach to your unique business needs and objectives. Whether you need a system built from scratch, an existing one overhauled, or simply want to maximize the efficiency of your operations, we have the skills and knowledge to make it happen.

But what truly differentiates us is our speed, agility and commitment to growing with our clients. Our success is intertwined with yours – we don’t just grow off our clients; we grow with them. We’re here to build lasting partnerships, providing continued support and solutions that evolve alongside your business.

Why work with us? Because at Loosely Canon, we’re not just another tech consultant. We’re your partner in success, committed to delivering results the ‘Canon Way’ – with truth, value, and innovation

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