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Loosely Canon offers Salesforce Integrations whether custom, standard or an extension of the either two. Learn more about products we setup and extend on Salesforce. Remove the silos in your organization

Why Salesforce Integrations Matter

Data Consolidation: Integrating various systems with Salesforce allows you to bring all your business data into a centralized platform, giving your team a holistic view of the customer. This helps drive smarter, data-informed decisions.

Streamlined Workflows: Salesforce integrations automate data flow between systems, minimizing manual data entry and reducing the chance of errors. This leads to smoother, more efficient workflows and increases productivity.

Scalability: Salesforce integrations allow your systems to grow with your business. They are designed to be flexible, and can be easily adjusted or extended to suit changing business needs.

Cost Efficiency: By automating tasks and improving productivity, Salesforce integrations can lead to significant cost savings over time.

Types of Salesforce Integrations

Standard Integrations: This is when you find a software that you can install in Salesforce from the AppExchange. Installing is easy, but configuration can range from easy to complicated. We’re happy to ensure your integration meets your expectations from choosing the right app and configuring it.

Standard Extensions: This is when a standard integration needs additional development work to meet your requirements. It is important to choose the right app that will allow you to extend the integration which is a reason to consult us about the products you are considering.

Custom Integrations: This is when we build an integration from scratch. It could be with a tool or app that your company owns, or an application that isn’t integrated with Salesforce already.

Apps We Love

This is a list of apps available that we found work great with Salesforce, meeting a unique need. Don’t see one you’re looking at? No problem! We’re happy to evaluate it!!!


Calendly is the modern scheduling platform that makes “finding time” a breeze. It has a lot of potential in Salesforce, but requires some extra dev work to make it shine.

Dropbox Sign (HelloSign)

E-signature is a requirement for most B2B and Dropbox Sign makes it easy in Salesforce. Creating templates and populating them from fields in Salesforce greatly increases the deal process. We love the speed and onboarding.

Distribution Engine

Distribution Engine is a market leading application for routing and assigning work in Salesforce. It is powerful but requires diligence to ensure it works as expected.

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