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As a team built on Salesforce Consulting, Loosely Canon brings you certified expertise and proven tools for tailored solutions. We understand Salesforce not just as consultants, but as users, providing unique insight to power your success. Explore our range of services below.


Transform your sales process with our Salesforce consulting. We can help you map out the customer journey, from lead generation to final sale. Our services encompass pipeline creation, rep ownership identification, quota setting, revenue forecasting, and much more. We focus on automating touch points and outreach to foster a smooth customer journey and drive upselling.


Enhance customer service with our Salesforce consulting. We help establish live channels for support, manage and report on SLAs with cases, and facilitate case reception from multiple sources. Our services aim to help you create a customer support environment that leaves your customers raving, drawing more loyal customers who trust the reputation you’ve established.


Optimize your marketing strategies with our Salesforce consulting. We’ll assist in setting up campaigns, categorizing lead sources, and evaluating performance. Our services extend to the creation of A/B testing and establishment of inbound routes from various sources. We help you harness Salesforce to amplify your marketing impact.


Illuminate your business performance with our Salesforce analytics consulting. We enable you to gain actionable insights through detailed reporting, both within Salesforce and beyond. Empower your decision-making with data-driven clarity and precision. Reduce silos and build from understanding.


Streamline your business processes with our Salesforce automation consulting. We leverage Flows and Apex to automate your operations, providing you with a battle-tested architecture that you can build upon. Simplify your operations with Salesforce automation


Unlock Salesforce’s full potential with our development consulting services. We specialize in using REST APIs, Apex, LWC, Aura, Integration Tools, and Functions to expand Salesforce’s capabilities. We’ll ensure you harness Salesforce’s full power


Integrate Salesforce with other products you use or tools your company has built. We offer custom integrations and expanding on standard integrations that apps offer. Reduce silos in your organization and friction between teams.


DevOps allow your team to reduce friction is salesforce development. Enable your team with practices and processes to generate development environments, automate testing, code analysis, roll back strategies, merge and deploy changes.

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We provide free educational material on Salesforce. You can find it in the Learning section of our site. You’ll learn about standard processes to follow, tools to empower your business, and automations we recommend.

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