Salesforce Solutions for your Business Model

Explore our Salesforce Solutions, then bundle up the ones you need all while building out a project quote! Our solutions fall under prospecting, sales, service and marketing.

Lead Distribution System
  • Automatically distrbute leads to reps based on skill, availability, at random or round robin
  • Automatically reassign leads when reps aren’t engaging enough
  • Notify reps when a lead is assigned to them via slack, email, chatter and/or text
Lead Entry Integrations
  • Receive leads from your website
  • Send leads to salesforce from email addresses like
  • Add leads from your email and phone contacts
  • Integrate leads from calls and texts
  • Get leads from your facebook page
  • Associate leads to the proper marketing source to track marketing performance
Lead Analytics
  • Key metrics like time to convert, conversion rate, time to first contact, last activity tracking
  • Timeframe reporting such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.
  • Clear goal and quota based reporting to pushing the team to deliver expected results
Opportunity Setup
  • Break down your sales process into opportunity stages
  • Configure additional opportunity types for different sales processes
  • Setup products and services
  • Anticipate revenue based on in progress opportunities
  • Create commission splits between team based opportunities
All Departments: Communication Automation
  • Automatically direct reps to deals they need to work so they don’t lose sight within the thousands of other deals.
  • Automate appointment confirmations and reminders to increase prospect attendence
Service: Case Setup
  • Case Service Level Agreement (SLA) tracking to ensure your timelines are met
  • Omnichannel Case Routing to send cases to the service members with the right skills on the customer’s preffered communication channel.
  • Knowledge article setup to quickly share solutions to common issues or present them in a FAQ
Cadences: Automated Tasks & Emails
  • Automate Email touch points with the contacts from your CRM system
  • Guide the team to the next objective with task automations
  • Built specifically for your pipeline

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